February 22, 2012

Memory Mae & Moments of Grace

Oh, how I love my puppy girl!  :) 
Memory is my adorable 6 year old shih tzu - cocker spaniel mix who loves when I come home from college.  Mom will say, "Erica is coming home!" and Memory will jump onto the back of the sofa looking out the front window for me!  This girl is a priss to say the least!  And she is so smart!  It breaks my heart when I'm leaving for school because she pouts and won't give sissy bug kisses!

When I was home this past weekend, she wanted to come to bed with me.  My door was just barely cracked open, yet she just sat outside the door and growled even though she knows she can scratch the door and it will open so she can come in.  I was in the middle of my bible study and God spoke to me through that moment: Memory outside my door was just like me wanting to spend time with God.  The door is cracked, yet sometimes we are so stubborn and set in our ways, we just sit there and growl waiting for Him to come open it more.  However, He is a gracious and loving God and will open that door despite our stubbornness.  And of course, I got up and opened the door for Memory to come lay down with me since I love her so. 

Also, I just got sick yesterday, and today, I am already in the valley of death surrounded by a billion tissues, sudafed, and my lamb stuffed animals (Lambie and Special), wishing I had Memory here.  Mom offered to bring soup, but I'll run to Chick-fil-A soon.  Pray for me.

Despite my fragility, I'm going to try to shine this week. :)